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One or more people are eligible for a residential mortgage only if they intend to reside in the house or other residential property. There are other types of mortgages for those who want to lease the properties they buy.
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Greater Access to Lenders

Our mortgage brokers have built a strong relationship with lenders, increasing your chances of getting a good offer. We are more likely to get good interest rates and other incentives such as reduced fees, including application fees, appraisal fees, and origination fees, because of the volume of business lenders can expect from us. We help clients with both poor and good credit scores. It is difficult to get the amount of money required to own a residential property through means other than a mortgage. Other advantages of residential mortgages Toronto are that interest rates are lower compared to those of other unsecured loans and the monthly repayments can be fixed for easier management of your finances. Call us today or fill our online form to get started on your journey towards homeownership.

Featured Rates
  • Lender
  • Rate
  • Term
  • Toronto-Dominion
    5 years
  • Scotiabank
    2 years
  • MCAP
    5 years
  • CMLS
    3 years
  • RFA
    5 years
  • First National Bank
    5 years
  • DUCA
    1 year
  • B2B
    2 years
  • Meridian
    5 years
  • RMG Mortgage
    5 years
  • Lender
  • Rate
  • Manulife Bank
    5 years
  • Home Trust
    5 years
  • Type
  • Rate
  • Secured line of credit
  • Private mortgages
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A lender’s interests may not align with yours. If you go directly to the lender, the broker you get will try to sell you the mortgage even if it is not the right fit for you because he/she will be getting a salary and/or a commission for the job. At Approved Mortgage Broker, you come first.

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What our CLients Say
  • Avatar gilles veilleux ★★★★★
    Masoud and his team are truly focused and result driven. I did my refinancing with them, it went smooth from start to finish.
  • Avatar Roosevelt Freeman ★★★★★
    I used Nick to renew my mortgage. He found me a better deal than my bank could offer and I intend to use him again the next time I need to renew. Nick did all the work, he made it easy and simple for me. He really knows his stuff!
  • Avatar Linda Howard ★★★★★
    After some unfortunate interactions with my previous mortgage broker trying to close the deal I was recommended Approved by a friend of a friend. I didn't have my hopes high to be completely honest, however decided to give it a go and called Masoud. He was quite reassuring over the phone, and after our meeting I finally felt like I'm in the right hands. Long story short, we closed the deal and most importantly I got a much better rate than expected. I already recommended Approved to my colleague, and I'm sure there'll be more referrals from me when the time comes
  • Avatar Juan Pearson ★★★★★
    Nick gave me great advice and fair rates to process my mortgage. Marianela, his assistant, was quick getting back to me and explained any questions about documents. Would highly recommend these guys.
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