With a commercial mortgage, the lender gives you the money you need to buy your commercial property and the lender uses the property as collateral. The borrower is often a business or a company as opposed to an individual.
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A business could be incorporated, a limited company, or a partnership, which makes assessing credit history more complicated. Repayment is dependent on the health of the business/company. Whereas a borrower will do anything possible to make monthly mortgage repayments to avoid being kicked out of his/her home, a business that is not doing well may simply declare bankruptcy. This risk leads to mortgage rates that are significantly higher than those of residential mortgages. This is why you need a mortgage broker. At Approved Mortgage Broker, we will help you get a lender with the lowest possible rates.

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We deal in all types of commercial properties. We also deal in pure residential real estate where such properties are bought as an investment. The types of properties that qualify for commercial mortgages and their maximum loan-to-value ratio are:
  • Storefront with Apartments (mixed) at 80%
  • Pure (multi-family) residential (1 to 4 units)
  • Pure (multi-family) residential (more than 5 units) at 85%
  • Commercial plaza mortgage at 75%
  • Commercial plaza mortgage at 75%
  • Industrial mortgage at 75%
  • Farmland mortgage at 55%
Featured Rates
  • Lender
  • Rate
  • Term
  • Toronto-Dominion
    5 years
  • Scotiabank
    2 years
  • CMLS
    3 years
  • RFA
    5 years
  • First National Bank
    5 years
  • DUCA
    1 year
  • B2B
    2 years
  • Meridian
    5 years
  • RMG Mortgage
    5 years
  • Lender
  • Rate
  • Manulife Bank
    5 years
  • Home Trust
    5 years
  • Mcap
    5 years
  • Type
  • Rate
  • Secured line of credit
  • Private mortgages
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The debt service coverage ratio is the main qualification criterion lenders use. This is the ratio of available cash to the cash required to make mortgage repayments. The lender will expect your business or company to be making a steady profit. We will help you prove that your business is steady by providing such things as financial projections and business plans. The loan-to-value-ration given by most lenders require borrowers to invest some of their own money. Note the available funds need to be liquid and not in equity. Another reason you need the Approved Mortgage Broker team is that we hasten the process. It takes between 60 days and a year for a commercial mortgage to go through. Our relationship with lenders allows us to get your mortgage in a good time. Commercial mortgage lenders do not usually advertise their lending criteria and rates, making it difficult for borrowers to compare different lenders. At Approved Mortgage Broker, we know Toronto mortgage lenders and we will assist you to compare different offerings. You will be expected to make a big down payment on a commercial mortgage. For a mixed property, this falls between 20% and 35%. For purely commercial property, this can go as high as 50%. The exact amount depends on your risk profile. At Approved Mortgage Broker, we will ensure that your risk profile is favorable to reduce the down payment requirement.

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    I highly recommend this business for your mortgage needs. Give Masoud a call. You won't be disappointed.
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    Approved mortgage helped me through both a new purchase and refinance process, finding me great rates in both situations. Really great team of guys.
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    Thank you so much for helping us get our home refinanced. You were professional, friendly and very helpful. I will recommend to all my friends
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    Masoud gave me great advice and fair rates to process my mortgage. His assistant, was quick getting back to me and explained any questions about documents. Would highly recommend these guys..
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